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Need to update you on my present location. I was posted to Ampara General Hospital, Sri Lanka as the Medical Office, Blood Bank. Quite a nice place this is even though its 350km away from home and loved ones. I've been travelling a lot and thus plan to keep you updated on my latest photographic experiences....

Keep logged in:)
Hey fellas,

Its been sometime since I've been active on this blog. Well I'm back. There's been a new addition to the site....a page on one of Sri Lanka's natural treasures....Sinharaja. Hope you guys will enjoy it and as always please comment, criticize, suggest and finally if you like what your it:)


Hey everyone.........

I'd like to say thank you to all those who has visited my page and for all the lovely comments you've left. Its such an inspiration to here such nice things. It means soo much for me.

Thank you again,

Hey gys,

My site has been growing with time and its got quite a few pages. Well complexity comes with some issues. The Wedding page was crashed for a while but I'm happy to announce that its up and running once again:))

Keep in touch for more........

The site has been officially launched. Hope you like the new page on Jaffna.

Hoping to keep this page live and going with updates and new pages. Keep connected:))
I just had a wonderful trip to first ever. Will be creating a page on it soon. Hope you'll enjoy it
I'm currently working on the finishing touches to my new page on "Yala".....Planning for an official launch as soon as its done....sorry for the delay....been a bit busy with stuff.
Hey gys....

A warm welcome to all you who were kind enough to pay a visit to my photography journal...I hope ur enjoying this site...its still at the very early stage of development...Hoping to make it more interesting in the future.

The blog is where I will update you with all my recent stories and experiences. Please feel free to visit me here and leave your comments ( feel free to talk about anything and everything:)). 

Looking forward to take you through wonderful journey of photography:))




    Dr. Savan de Silva is a photography hobbyist currently working at the Colombo South Teaching Hospital, Sri Lanka. His passion for photography has led to the creation of "The Moment it Clicks", a site aimed at sharing his journeys and photographic experiences with the online community.


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